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      STROZZI, Bernardo -- Banquet at the House of Simon (detail) er (Here)
      STROZZI, Bernardo -- St John the Baptist et (Here)
      STROZZI, Bernardo -- St Cecilia dt (Here)
      STROZZI, Bernardo -- The Charity of St Lawrence rt (Here)
      STROZZI, Bernardo -- Joseph Telling his Dreams t (Here)
      STROZZI, Bernardo -- Lamentation over the Dead Christ etr (Here)
      STROZZI, Bernardo -- The Miracle of St Diego of Alcantara er (Here)
      STROZZI, Bernardo -- Allegory of Arts asta (Here)
      STROZZI, Bernardo -- David with the Head of Goliath ert (Here)
      STROZZI, Bernardo -- Prophet Elijah and the Widow of Sarepta er (Here)
      STROZZI, Bernardo -- Sleeping Child e (Here)
      STROZZI, Bernardo -- Christ and the Samaritan Woman xdg (Here)
      STROZZI, Bernardo -- Tribute Money er (Here)
      STUBBS, George -- William Anderson with Two Saddle-horses er (Here)
      STUBBS, George -- The Milbanke and Melbourne Families rwy (Here)
      STUBBS, George -- Haymaking t (Here)
      STUBBS, George -- Whistlejacket r (Here)
      SUBLEYRAS, Pierre -- St Ambrose Converting Theodosius wt (Here)
      SUBLEYRAS, Pierre -- Mass of St Basil at (Here)
      SUBLEYRAS, Pierre -- Don Cesare Benvenuti af (Here)
      SUBLEYRAS, Pierre -- Charon Ferrying the Shades art (Here)
      SUBLEYRAS, Pierre -- The Marriage of St Catherine r (Here)
      SUBLEYRAS, Pierre -- Portrait of a Man up09 (Here)
      SUBLEYRAS, Pierre -- The Studio of the Painter ar (Here)
      SUSTRIS, Lambert -- Landscape with Jupiter and Io wt (Here)
      SUSTRIS, Lambert -- Venus and Cupid at (Here)
      SWANEVELT, Herman van -- Italian Landscape with Bridge and Castle ar (Here)
      SWEERTS, Michiel -- The Drawing Class ear (Here)
      SWEERTS, Michiel -- Self-Portrait rt2 (Here)
      SWEERTS, Michiel -- Young Man and the Procuress r (Here)
      TASSEL, Jean -- Portrait of Catherine de Montholon art (Here)
      TASSEL, Jean -- Portrait of a Young Man ar (Here)
      TASSI, Agostino -- The Embarkation of a Queen ar (Here)
      TASSI, Agostino -- The Coral Fishers ser (Here)
      TASSI, Agostino -- Competition on the Capitoline Hill wr (Here)
      TASSI, Agostino -- Imaginary Landscape with Temple of Sibyl at Tivoli iyu (Here)
      TENIERS, David the Elder -- Village Feast sdt (Here)
      TENIERS, David the Younger -- Apes in the Kitchen fdh (Here)
      TENIERS, David the Younger -- Archduke Leopold Wilhelm in his Gallery fyjg (Here)
      TENIERS, David the Younger -- Archduke Leopold Wilhelm of Austria in his Gallery fh (Here)
      TENIERS, David the Younger -- The Gallery of Archduke Leopold in Brussels xgh (Here)
      TENIERS, David the Younger -- The Gallery of Archduke Leopold in Brussels at (Here)
      TENIERS, David the Younger -- The Gallery of Archduke Leopold in Brussels (Here)
      TENIERS, David the Younger -- Kitchen Scene sg (Here)
      TENIERS, David the Younger -- The Kitchen t (Here)
      TENIERS, David the Younger -- Twelfth-night (The King Drinks) ar (Here)
      TENIERS, David the Younger -- Before the Inn fy (Here)
      TENIERS, David the Younger -- The Village Feast gh (Here)
      TENIERS, David the Younger -- Flemish Kermess fh (Here)
      TENIERS, David the Younger -- Flemish Kermess kh (Here)
      TENIERS, David the Younger -- Peasants Dancing outside an Inn wt (Here)
      TENIERS, David the Younger -- Peasants Merry-making wt (Here)
      TENIERS, David the Younger -- Return from the Hunt r (Here)
      TENIERS, David the Younger -- A View of Het Sterckshof near Antwerp r (Here)
      TENIERS, David the Younger -- Village Feast dtg (Here)
      TENIERS, David the Younger -- Village Scene ut (Here)
      TENIERS, David the Younger -- Village Scene ar (Here)
      TERBORCH, Gerard -- Paternal Admonition r (Here)
      TERBORCH, Gerard -- Paternal Admonition h (Here)
      TERBORCH, Gerard -- Card-Players awr (Here)

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