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      Largillierre -- Charles Le Brun Painter to the King (mk05) (Here)
      Largillierre -- Family Portrait (mk05) (Here)
      Largillierre -- Wooded Landscape (mk05) (Here)
      LOO, Carle van -- Halt in the Hunt (mk05) (Here)
      GILLOT, Claude -- The Two Carriages (mk05) (Here)
      Jean-Francois De Troy -- Charles Mouton the Lutanist (mk05) (Here)
      Jean-Antoine Watteau -- Pierrot also Known as Gilles (mk05) (Here)
      Jean-Antoine Watteau -- The Embarkation for Cythera (mk05) (Here)
      Jean-Antoine Watteau -- L'Indifferent(The Casual Lover) (mk05) (Here)
      Jean-Antoine Watteau -- Assembly in a Park (mk05) (Here)
      Jean-Antoine Watteau -- La Finette(The Delicate Musician) (mk05) (Here)
      Jean-Antoine Watteau -- The Judgment of Paris (mk05) (Here)
      Jean-Antoine Watteau -- Le Faux Pas(The Mistaken Advance) (mk05) (Here)
      Jean-Antoine Watteau -- Autumn (mk05) (Here)
      Jean-Antoine Watteau -- Jupiter and Antiope (mk05) (Here)
      Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin -- The Bird-Organ (mk05) (Here)
      Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin -- La Pourvoyeuse(The Return from Market) (mk05) (Here)
      Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin -- The Ray (mk05) (Here)
      Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin -- The Young Draftsman (mk05) (Here)
      Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin -- Le Souffleur(Portrait of Joseph Aved,the Painter,Known as A Chemist in His Laboratory) (mk05) (Here)
      Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin -- Boy with a Top (nk05) (Here)
      Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin -- Le Benedicite (Saying Grace) (mk05) (Here)
      Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin -- La Mere Laborieuse (The Diligent Mother) (mk05) (Here)
      Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin -- The Brioche (mk05) (Here)
      Jacques-Louis David -- Antiochus and stratonice (mk02) (Here)
      Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin -- Portrait of Chardin Wearing an Eyeshade (mk05) (Here)
      Jacques-Louis David -- The funeral of Patroclus (mk02) (Here)
      Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin -- Smoking Kit with a Drinking Pot (mk05) (Here)
      Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin -- The Copper Urn (mk05) (Here)
      Jacques-Louis David -- The coronation of Napoleon and Josephine (mk02) (Here)
      Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin -- Dead Rabbit with Hunting Gear (mk05) (Here)
      Jacques-Louis David -- The Distribution of the eagle standards (mk02) (Here)
      Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin -- A Lean Diet With Cooking Utensils (mk05) (Here)
      Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin -- The Silver Goblet (mk05) (Here)
      Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin -- Pears Walnuts and a Glass of Wine (mk05) (Here)
      Thomas Gainsborough -- Conversation in a Park(perhaps the Artist and His Wife) (mk05) (Here)
      Thomas Gainsborough -- Lady Alston (mk05) (Here)
      Nicolas Lancret -- The Seat of Justice in the Parlement of Paris (1723) (mk05) (Here)
      Nicolas Lancret -- Winter (mk05) (Here)
      Nicolas Lancret -- Summer (mk05) (Here)
      Pater, Jean-Baptiste -- Gathering of Actors from the Italian Comedy (mk05) (Here)
      Pater, Jean-Baptiste -- A Country Festival with Soldiers Rejoicing (mk05) (Here)
      Pater, Jean-Baptiste -- The Toilette (mk05) (Here)
      Giovanni Battista Tiepolo -- The Last Supper (mk05) (Here)
      Giovanni Battista Tiepolo -- Carnival Scene or the Minuet (mk05) (Here)
      Giovanni Battista Tiepolo -- Rebecca at the Well (mk05) (Here)
      Giovanni Battista Tiepolo -- Presenting Christ to the People (Ecce Homo) (mk05) (Here)
      Mura, Francesco de -- Allegory of the Arts (mk05) (Here)
      Pietro Longhi -- The Introduction (mk05) (Here)
      Giovanni Battista Tiepolo -- Christ with the Woman Taken in Adultery (mk05) (Here)
      Giovanni Battista Tiepolo -- The Tooth Puller (mk05) (Here)
      Francois Boucher -- Diana Leaving the Bath (mk05) (Here)
      Francois Boucher -- Venus Requesting Arms for Aeneas from Vulcan (mk05) (Here)
      Francois Boucher -- The Rape of Europa (mk05) (Here)
      Jean-Francois De Troy -- Esther Fainting before Ahasuerus (mk05) (Here)
      Francois Boucher -- The Lunch (mk05) (Here)
      Martin Drolling -- Interior of a Kitchen (mk05) (Here)
      Jean-Germain Drouais -- Marius Imprisoned at Minturnae (mk05) (Here)
      Francesco Guardi -- rThe Doge Grants an Andience in the Sala del Collegin in the Ducal Palace (mk05) (Here)
      Francesco Guardi -- The Coronation of the Doge on the Staircase of the Giants at the Ducal Palace (mk05) (Here)

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