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      PACHER, Michael -- The Resurrection of Lazarus.From the St Wolfgang Altar (mk08) (Here)
      PACHER, Michael -- St Augustine and St Gregory (mk08) (Here)
      LEONARDO da Vinci -- Virgin and Child with St Anne and St John the Baptist (mk08) (Here)
      LEONARDO da Vinci -- Mona Lisa (mk08) (Here)
      Albrecht Durer -- Portrait of Hieronymus Holzschuher (mk08) (Here)
      School of Fontainebleau -- Gabrielle d'Estrees and One of her Sisters in the Bath (mk08) (Here)
      Raphael -- Pope Leo X with Cardinals Giulio de'Medici (mk08) (Here)
      Paolo Veronese -- llegory of Vice and Virtue (mk08) (Here)
      Giuseppe Arcimboldo -- Spring (mk08) (Here)
      Lorenzo Lotto -- Portrait of a Young Man (mk08) (Here)
      Agnolo Bronzino -- Eleonora of Toledo and her Son Giovanni (mk08) (Here)
      LEONARDO da Vinci -- Last Supper (mk08) (Here)
      LEONARDO da Vinci -- Adoration of the Magi (mk08) (Here)
      LEONARDO da Vinci -- Virgin of the Rocks,completed (mk08) (Here)
      LEONARDO da Vinci -- Virgin of th Rock (mk08) (Here)
      LEONARDO da Vinci -- The Virgin and St Anne (mk08) (Here)
      Giorgione -- Virgin and Child with SS Francis and Liberalis (mk08) (Here)
      Eugene Delacroix -- Orphan Girl at the Cemetery (mk09) (Here)
      Giorgione -- Concerr Champetre (mk08) (Here)
      Giorgione -- La Tempesta (mk08) (Here)
      Caspar David Friedrich -- The Stages of Life (mk09) (Here)
      Philipp Otto Runge -- The Hulsenbeck Children (mk09) (Here)
      Fra Bartolommeo -- Annunciation (mk08) (Here)
      Eugene Delacroix -- The Bark of Dante (Dante and Virgil in Hell) (mk09) (Here)
      Andrea del Sarto -- Pieta (mk08) (Here)
      Theodore Gericault -- The Madwoman (Manomania of Envy) (mk09) (Here)
      John Constable -- The White Horse (mk09) (Here)
      Gustave Courbet -- The Cliff at Etretat after the Storm (mk09) (Here)
      camille corot -- View of Genoa (mk09) (Here)
      J.M.W. Turner -- Rome from Mount Aventine (mk09) (Here)
      Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres -- Madame Moitessier Seated (mk09) (Here)
      Pierre-Paul Prud hon -- Empress Josephine (mk09) (Here)
      Francois Gerard -- Madame Recamier (mk09) (Here)
      Baron Antoine-Jean Gros -- Napoleon on the Battlefield at Eylau (mk09) (Here)
      Raphael -- Madonna of the Meadows (mk08) (Here)
      Baron Antoine-Jean Gros -- Napoleon at Arcola (mk09) (Here)
      Theodore Gericault -- Officer of the Imperial Guard (The Charging Chasseur) (mk09) (Here)
      Raphael -- Marriage of the Virgin (mk08) (Here)
      Theodore Gericault -- The Quicklime Works (mk09) (Here)
      Raphael -- Madonna di Foligno (mk08) (Here)
      Theodore Gericault -- The Raft of the Medusa (sketch) (mk09) (Here)
      Theodore Gericault -- The Epsom Derby (mk09) (Here)
      Raphael -- The Transfiguration (mk08) (Here)
      Theodore Gericault -- The Cleptomaniac (mk09) (Here)
      Raphael -- The School of Athens (mk08) (Here)
      Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres -- The Turkish Bath (mk09) (Here)
      Palma Vecchio -- Diana discovers Callisto's Misdemeanour (mk08) (Here)
      Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres -- Joan of Arc at the Coronation of Charles VII in Reims Cathedral (mk09) (Here)
      Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres -- Valpincon Bather (mk09) (Here)
      Sebastiano del Piombo -- Cardinal Carondelet and his Secretary (mk08) (Here)
      Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres -- Mademoiselle Riviere (mk09) (Here)
      Correggio -- Zeus and Antiope (mk08) (Here)
      Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres -- Louis-Francois Bertin (mk09) (Here)
      Correggio -- Leda and the Swan (mk08) (Here)
      Correggio -- Zeus and Io (mk08) (Here)
      Correggio -- The Abduction of Ganymede (mk08) (Here)
      Titian -- Venus of Urbino (mk08) (Here)
      Titian -- Baccanalia (mk08) (Here)
      Titian -- La Bella (mk08) (Here)
      Eugene Delacroix -- The Lion Hunt (mk09) (Here)

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