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      CRANACH, Lucas the Elder -- Judith with the Head of Holofernes dfg (Here)
      CRANACH, Lucas the Elder -- Salome hg (Here)
      CRANACH, Lucas the Elder -- Salome with the Head of St John the Baptist dfgj (Here)
      CRANACH, Lucas the Elder -- Hunt in Honour of Charles V at the Castle of Torgau ghj (Here)
      CRANACH, Lucas the Elder -- The Golden Age thtre (Here)
      CRANACH, Lucas the Younger -- Portrait of a Woman sdgsdftg (Here)
      CRANACH, Lucas the Younger -- Staghunt of Prince Johann Friedrich (detail) dfhre (Here)
      CRANACH, Lucas the Younger -- Venus and Amor fghe (Here)
      CRAYER, Gaspard de -- Alexander and Diogenes fdgh (Here)
      CRAYER, Gaspard de -- The Cardinal Infante dfg (Here)
      CRAYER, Gaspard de -- Head Study of a Young Moor dhyj (Here)
      CRAYER, Gaspard de -- The Coronation of St Rosalie dfgh (Here)
      CRESPI, Daniele -- The Last Supper dhe (Here)
      CRESPI, Daniele -- Pieta i12 (Here)
      CRESPI, Giovanni Battista -- St Charles Borromeo Erecting Crosses a the Gates of Milan (detail) df (Here)
      CRESPI, Giovanni Battista -- Entombment of Christ dfg (Here)
      CRESPI, Giovanni Battista -- St Gregory Delivers the Soul of a Monk dfg (Here)
      CRESPI, Giuseppe Maria -- Bookshelves dfg (Here)
      CRESPI, Giuseppe Maria -- Dice Players ghe (Here)
      CRESPI, Giuseppe Maria -- Village Fair dfg (Here)
      CRESPI, Giuseppe Maria -- Hecuba Blinding Polymnestor fg (Here)
      CRESPI, Giuseppe Maria -- Cardinal Prospero Lambertini dfg (Here)
      CRETI, Donato -- Achilles Handing over to Chiron dfg (Here)
      CRETI, Donato -- The Charity dfh (Here)
      CRETI, Donato -- Mercury and Paris tyr (Here)
      CRIVELLI, Carlo -- Annunciation with St Emidius fg (Here)
      CRIVELLI, Carlo -- Coronation of the Virgin dgfd (Here)
      CRIVELLI, Carlo -- Lamentation over the Dead Christ fdg (Here)
      CRIVELLI, Carlo -- The Madonna of the Taper dfg (Here)
      CRIVELLI, Carlo -- Madonna and Child; St Francis of Assisi dfg (Here)
      CRIVELLI, Carlo -- Pieta 124 (Here)
      CRIVELLI, Carlo -- St Jerome and St Augustine dsfg (Here)
      CRIVELLI, Carlo -- Virgin and Child dfg (Here)
      CRIVELLI, Carlo -- Virgin and Child Enthroned sdf (Here)
      CRIVELLI, Vittorio -- Madonna with the Child rg (Here)
      CUYCK VAN MYEROP, Frans -- Still-Life with Fowl dsd (Here)
      CUYP, Aelbert -- The Avenue at Meerdervoort dfg (Here)
      CUYP, Aelbert -- The Dairy Maid dfg (Here)
      CUYP, Aelbert -- Domestic Fowl fg (Here)
      CUYP, Aelbert -- Grey Horse in a Landscape dfg (Here)
      CUYP, Aelbert -- Herdsmen with Cows dfg (Here)
      CUYP, Aelbert -- The Negro Page dfg (Here)
      CUYP, Aelbert -- Peasants with Four Cows by the River Merwede dfg (Here)
      CUYP, Aelbert -- Rooster and Hens dfg (Here)
      CUYP, Aelbert -- View of Dordrecht ds (Here)
      CUYP, Aelbert -- Young Herdsman with Cows fdg (Here)
      CUYP, Aelbert -- Cows in the Water (Here)
      CUYP, Aelbert -- Evening Landscape with Horsemen and Shepherds dgj (Here)
      CUYP, Aelbert -- The Ferry Boat fg (Here)
      CUYP, Aelbert -- Herdsman with Cows by a River dfg (Here)
      CUYP, Aelbert -- Landscape dfga (Here)
      CUYP, Aelbert -- Large River Landscape with Horsemen fdg (Here)
      CUYP, Aelbert -- The Maas at Dordrecht sdf (Here)
      CUYP, Aelbert -- Landscape near Rhenen df (Here)
      CUYP, Aelbert -- River Landscape fdgs (Here)
      CUYP, Aelbert -- River Scene with Milking Woman sdf (Here)
      CUYP, Aelbert -- River-bank with Cows sd (Here)
      CUYP, Aelbert -- A Road near a River sdfg (Here)
      DADDI, Bernardo -- Madonna and Child with Sts Matthew and Nicholas dfg (Here)
      DADDI, Bernardo -- Madonna and Child Enthroned with Angels and Saints dfg (Here)

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