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      GUERCINO -- A Donor Presented to the Virgin lkhi (Here)
      GUERCINO -- Ermina Finds the Wounded Tancred jg (Here)
      GUERCINO -- The Martyrdom of St Peter jg (Here)
      GUERCINO -- Return of the Prodigal Son klgh (Here)
      GUERCINO -- Raising of Lazarus hjf (Here)
      WEYDEN, Goossen van der -- The Gift of Kalmthout (Here)
      WEYDEN, Goossen van der -- Triptych of Abbot Antonius Tsgrooten (Here)
      GUERCINO -- The Resurrected Christ Appears to the Virgin hf (Here)
      GUERCINO -- Samson Captured by the Philistines uig (Here)
      GUERCINO -- Susanna and the Elders kyh (Here)
      GUERCINO -- St William of Aquitaine Receiving the Cowln ngb (Here)
      GUERCINO -- St Augustine Washing the Feet of the Redeemer kg (Here)
      WEYDEN, Rogier van der -- Deposition (Here)
      GUERCINO -- St Augustine, St John the Baptist and St Paul the Hermit hf (Here)
      WEYDEN, Rogier van der -- Deposition (detail) (Here)
      GUERCINO -- St Augustine sdg (Here)
      GUERCINO -- Martyrdom of St Catherine sdg (Here)
      WEYDEN, Rogier van der -- Deposition (detail) (Here)
      GUERCINO -- The Entombment of Christ sdg (Here)
      WEYDEN, Rogier van der -- Deposition (detail) (Here)
      GUERCINO -- The Flagellation of Christ dg (Here)
      WEYDEN, Rogier van der -- Deposition (detail) (Here)
      GUERCINO -- St Francis with an Angel Playing Violin sdg (Here)
      GUERCINO -- St Marguerite sdg (Here)
      WIERINGEN, Cornelis Claesz van -- Capture of Damiate (Here)
      WILDENS, Jan -- Landscape with Shepherds (Here)
      WILLAERTS, Adam -- Coastal Landscape with Ships (Here)
      WILLEBEECK, Petrus -- Still-Life (Here)
      WILSON, Richard -- The Mawddach Valley and Cader Idris (Here)
      WINTERHALTER, Josef the Younger -- Faith, Hope and Charity (Here)
      WIT, Jacob de -- Adoration of the Shepherds (detail) (Here)
      WIT, Jacob de -- Baptism of Christ in the Jordan (Here)
      WIT, Jacob de -- Holy Family and Trinity (Here)
      WITHOOS, Mathias -- View of Amersfoort (Here)
      WITHOOS, Mathias -- Landscape with a Graveyard by Night (Here)
      WITTE, Emanuel de -- The Courtyard of the Old Exchange in Amsterdam (Here)
      WITTE, Emanuel de -- Interior of a Church (Here)
      WITTE, Emanuel de -- Interior of the Oude Kerk at Delft during a Sermon (Here)
      WITTE, Emanuel de -- Interior of a Church (Here)
      WITTE, Emanuel de -- Interior of a Church (Here)
      WITTE, Emanuel de -- Interior of a Church (Here)
      WITTE, Emanuel de -- The Interior of the Oude Kerk, Amsterdam, during a Sermon (Here)
      WITTE, Emanuel de -- Interior of the Portuguese Synagogue in Amsterdam (Here)
      WITTE, Emanuel de -- Interior with a Woman at the Virginals (Here)
      WITTEL, Caspar Andriaans van -- The St Peter s in Rome (Here)
      WITTEL, Caspar Andriaans van -- The Castel Sant Angelo from the South (Here)
      WITTEL, Caspar Andriaans van -- View of the Piazza del Popolo, Rome (Here)
      WITTEL, Caspar Andriaans van -- View of Florence from the Via Bolognese (Here)
      WITTEL, Caspar Andriaans van -- Villa Aldobrandini at Frascati (Here)
      WITTEL, Caspar Andriaans van -- View of Naples (Here)
      GUERCINO -- Abraham Casting Out Hagar and Ishmael sg (Here)
      GUERCINO -- Allegory of Painting and Sculpture sdg (Here)
      HALS, Dirck -- The Fete Champtre (Here)
      HALS, Dirck -- Merry Company (Here)
      HALS, Dirck -- Merry Party in a Tavern fdg (Here)
      HALS, Dirck -- Musicians s (Here)
      HALS, Dirck -- Amusing Party in the Open Air s (Here)
      HALS, Dirck -- Amusing Party in the Open Air (detail) g (Here)
      HALS, Frans -- Jacobus Zaffius (Here)
      HALS, Frans -- Portrait of a Man Holding a Skull s (Here)

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