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      Caspar David Friedrich -- Tree with Crows (mk10) (Here)
      Francois Boucher -- The Education of Amor (mk08) (Here)
      Francois Boucher -- Diana After the Hunt (mk08) (Here)
      Francois Boucher -- The Breakfast (mk08) (Here)
      Francois Boucher -- Blonde Odalisque (mk08) (Here)
      Caspar David Friedrich -- The Large Enclosure (mk10) (Here)
      Caspar David Friedrich -- detail The Stages of Life (mk10) (Here)
      Caspar David Friedrich -- View of a Port (mk10) (Here)
      Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin -- Girl with a Racquet and Shuttlecock (mk08) (Here)
      Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin -- Boy with a Spinning top (mk08) (Here)
      Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin -- The Grace (mk08) (Here)
      Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin -- Pipe and Jug (mk08) (Here)
      Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin -- The Kitchen Maid (mk08) (Here)
      Jean Honore Fragonard -- Blind Man's Buff (mk08) (Here)
      Jean Honore Fragonard -- The Swing (mk08) (Here)
      Jean Honore Fragonard -- The Stolen Shift (mk08) (Here)
      Jean Honore Fragonard -- The Music Lesson (mk08) (Here)
      Joseph-Siffred Duplessis -- Portrait of Christoph Willibald Gluck (mk08) (Here)
      LA TOUR, Maurice Quentin de -- Self-Portrait (mk08) (Here)
      Jean Baptiste Greuze -- The Lamentation of Time Passing (mk08) (Here)
      Jean Baptiste Greuze -- L'Accordee du Village (mk08) (Here)
      Jacques-Louis David -- Madme Recamier (mk08) (Here)
      Jacques-Louis David -- Napoleon in his Study (mk08) (Here)
      Jacques-Louis David -- Napoleon Crossing the Alps (mk08) (Here)
      ROBERT, Hubert -- The Porta Octavia in Rome (mk08) (Here)
      ROBERT, Hubert -- Portrait fo der Madame de Stael als Corinne (mk08) (Here)
      MAGNASCO, Alessandro -- Seascape with Fishermen and Bathers (mk08) (Here)
      MAGNASCO, Alessandro -- The Wise Raven (mk08) (Here)
      CARRIERA, Rosalba fg -- Portrait of a Young Girl (mk08) (Here)
      PIAZZETTA, Giovanni Battista -- Beggar Boy (mk08) (Here)
      Canaletto -- The Courtyard of the Castle of Warwick (mk08) (Here)
      Canaletto -- Regatta on the Canale Grande (mk08) (Here)
      Canaletto -- Campo San Vitale and Santa Maria (mk08) (Here)
      Francesco Guardi -- Venetian Gala Concert (mk08) (Here)
      Francesco Guardi -- Capriccio (mk08) (Here)
      Bernardo Bellotto -- Piazza della Signoria in Florence (mk08) (Here)
      LONGHI, Pietro -- The Rhinoceros (mk08) (Here)
      LONGHI, Pietro -- The Tooth-Puller (mk08) (Here)
      Giovanni Battista Tiepolo -- Rinaldo and Armida (mk08) (Here)
      Giovanni Battista Tiepolo -- Rachel Hiding the Idols from her Father Laban (mk08) (Here)
      Giovanni Battista Tiepolo -- Sarah and the Archangel (mk08) (Here)
      Giovanni Battista Tiepolo -- Hagar and Ismael in the Widerness (mk08) (Here)
      Jean-Etienne Liotard -- Turkish Woman with a Tambourine (mk08) (Here)
      Jean-Etienne Liotard -- Portrait of Franqois Tronchin (mk08) (Here)
      KAUFFMANN, Angelica -- Self-portrait (mk08) (Here)
      Henry Fuseli -- Titania and Bottom (mk08) (Here)
      HOGARTH, William -- The Graham Chidren (mk08) (Here)
      HOGARTH, William -- Self-portrait (mk08) (Here)
      HOGARTH, William -- The Shrimp Girl (mk08) (Here)
      HOGARTH, William -- Heads of Six of Hogarth's Servants (mk08) (Here)
      Thomas Gainsborough -- Robert Andrews and his Wife Frances (mk08) (Here)
      Thomas Gainsborough -- The Watering Place (mk08) (Here)
      Thomas Gainsborough -- The Morning Walk (mk08) (Here)
      Thomas Gainsborough -- Woman in Blue (mk08) (Here)
      Thomas Gainsborough -- Lady and Gentleman in a Landscape (mk08) (Here)
      Richard Wilson -- View of Snowdon from Llyn Nantlle (mk08) (Here)
      STUBBS, George -- Molly Longlegs with Jockey (mk08) (Here)
      ROMNEY, George -- The Leigh Family (mk08) (Here)
      Blake, William -- Beatrice addressing Dante from her Wagon (mk08) (Here)
      COPLEY, John Singleton -- Portrait of Rebecca Boylston (mk08) (Here)

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