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      Georg Friedrich Kersting -- Man Reading by Lamplight (mk22) (Here)
      Carl Wagner -- Moonrise (mk22) (Here)
      Christian Friedrich Gille -- The Bruhl Terrace in Dresden (mk22) (Here)
      Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld -- Portrait of Clata Bianca von Quandt (mk22) (Here)
      Franz Pforr -- Entry of Emperor Rudolf of Habsburg into Basel in 1273 (mk22) (Here)
      Franz Pforr -- Shulamit and Mary (mk22) (Here)
      Adrian Ludwig Richter -- Crossing at the Schreckenstein (mk22) (Here)
      Moritz von Schwind -- Fairy Dance in the Alder Grove (mk22) (Here)
      Moritz von Schwind -- A Hermit Leading Horses to the Trough (mk22) (Here)
      Henry Fuseli -- The Nightmare (mk22) (Here)
      William Blake -- Hecate (mk22) (Here)
      William Blake -- The Fall of Man (mk22) (Here)
      John Martin -- Pandemonium (mk22) (Here)
      Richard Parkes Bonington -- At the English Coast (mk22) (Here)
      Richard Parkes Bonington -- Beach in Normandy (mk22) (Here)
      John Constable -- Old Sarum (mk22) (Here)
      James Ward -- Gordale Scat,Yorkshire (mk22) (Here)
      Clarkson Frederick Stanfield -- Burg Eltz (mk22) (Here)
      John Ruskin -- Cascade de la Folie Chamonix (mk22) (Here)
      Morris, William -- Queen Guinevere (mk22) (Here)
      Charles Lock Eastlake -- The Champion (mk22) (Here)
      Brown, Ford Madox -- Work (mk22) (Here)
      Brown, Ford Madox -- The Last of England (mk22) (Here)
      Francois Gerard -- Madame Recamier (mk22) (Here)
      Francois Gerard -- Ossian on the Bank of the Lora,Invoking the Gods to the Strains of a Harp (mk22) (Here)
      Georges Michel -- Landscape with Windmill,View from Montmartre (mk22) (Here)
      Theodore Gudin -- Mont-Saint-Michel (mk22) (Here)
      Eugene Delacroix -- Dante and Virgil in Hel (The Barque of Dante) (mk22) (Here)
      Paul Huet -- Breakers at Granville Point (mk22) (Here)
      Felix Ziem -- Venice with Doges'Palace at Sunrise (mk22) (Here)
      Jacobus Theodorus Abels -- Landscape in Moonlight (mk22) (Here)
      Antoine Wiertz -- The Lovely Rosine (mk22) (Here)
      Alexandr Ivanov -- Christ Appears to the People (mk22) (Here)
      Alexei Venezianov -- Sleeping Shepherd Boy (mk22) (Here)
      Karl Pavlovic Brullow -- The Last Day of Pompeii (mk22) (Here)
      Pjotr Michalovski -- The Battle of Somosierra (mk22) (Here)
      Karoly Marko the Elder -- Landscape with the Walk to Emmaus (mk22) (Here)
      Jens Juel -- View over the Lesser Belt (mk22) (Here)
      Christen Kobke -- Seacoast near Dosseringen (mk22) (Here)
      Johan Christian Dahl -- View of Pillnitz Castle from a Window (mk22) (Here)
      Johan Christian Dahl -- View of Dresden in Full Moonlight (mk22) (Here)
      Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg -- View through Three Northwest Arcades of the Colosseum in Rome Storm Gathering over the City (mk22) (Here)
      Thomas Fearnley -- Northern Region (mk22) (Here)
      Thomas Fearnley -- Moonlight in Amalfi (mk22) (Here)
      Francesco Hayez -- The Refugees of Parga (mk22) (Here)
      Tommaso Minardi -- Self-Portrait (mk22) (Here)
      Eugenio Lucas y Padilla -- The Defence of Saragossa (mk22) (Here)
      Jenaro Perez Villaamil -- Herd of Cattle Resting on a Riverbank in Front of a Castle (mk22) (Here)
      Mariano Fortuny y Marsal -- Fantasy on 'Faust' (mk22) (Here)
      James Tissot -- The Return of the Prodigal Son (nn01) (Here)
      James Tissot -- Tissot in an artist's studio (nn01) (Here)
      James Tissot -- A languid Frederick Leighton in Tissot's (nn01) (Here)
      James Tissot -- A Convalescent (nn01) (Here)
      James Tissot -- The Ferry (nn01) (Here)
      James Tissot -- Pastel Portraits such as Berthe and his La Femme a Paris series represent Tissot's final works before his religious conversion (nn01) (Here)
      James Tissot -- Pinted for The Life of Christ (nn01) (Here)
      James Tissot -- The fashionable woman in contemporary Socicty (nn01) (Here)
      James Tissot -- Jeune Fille en Veste Rouege Young Woman in A Red Jacket (nn01) (Here)
      James Tissot -- Le Printemps (spring) (nn01) (Here)
      James Tissot -- L'Escalier (The Staircase) ((nn01) (Here)

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