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      Canaletto -- Ranelagh, the Interior of the Rotunda (Here)
      Canaletto -- Capriccio-River Landscape with a Column, a Ruined Roman Arch and Reminiscences of England (Here)
      Canaletto -- Westminster Abbey with a Procession of the Knights of Bath (Here)
      Canaletto -- Warwick Castle, The East Front (Here)
      Canaletto -- Alnwick Castle, Northumberland (Here)
      Jan van de Cappelle -- Becalmed (Here)
      Jan van de Cappelle -- Ships on a Calm Sea near Land (Here)
      Jan van de Cappelle -- A Dutch Yacht and Many Small Vessels at Anchor (Here)
      Caravaggio -- Martha and Mary Magdalene (Here)
      Caravaggio -- Narcissus (Here)
      Caravaggio -- Judith and Holofernes (Here)
      Caravaggio -- Still Life with Flowers Fruit (Here)
      Caravaggio -- Youth with a Flower Basket (Here)
      Caravaggio -- Youth Bitten by a Green Lizard (Here)
      Caravaggio -- Rest During the Flight into Egypt (Here)
      Caravaggio -- The Cardsharps (Here)
      Caravaggio -- Medusa (Here)
      Caravaggio -- The Sacrifice of Isaac (Here)
      Caravaggio -- The Fortune Teller (Here)
      Caravaggio -- The Sacrifice of Isaac_2 (Here)
      Caravaggio -- The Concert The Musicians (Here)
      Caravaggio -- Lute Player5 (Here)
      Caravaggio -- St.Francis in Ecstasy (Here)
      Caravaggio -- The Annunciation (Here)
      Caravaggio -- The Nativity with Saints Francis and Lawrence (Here)
      Caravaggio -- The Beheading of the Baptist (Here)
      Luca Carlevaris -- Entry of the Earl of Manchester into the Doge's Palace (Here)
      Antonio Carnicero -- Balloon Ascent at Aranjuez (Here)
      Vittore Carpaccio -- The Stoning of Saint Stephen (Here)
      Vittore Carpaccio -- St.Thomas in Glory between St.Mark St.Louis of Toulouse (Here)
      Vittore Carpaccio -- The Lion of St.Mark (Here)
      Vittore Carpaccio -- Portrait of a Knight (Here)
      Vittore Carpaccio -- St.George the Dragon (Here)
      Vittore Carpaccio -- Madonna and Blessing Child (Here)
      Vittore Carpaccio -- The Flight into Egypt (Here)
      Vittore Carpaccio -- The Virgin Reading (Here)
      Vittore Carpaccio -- Holy Conversation (Here)
      Annibale Carracci --  The Coronation of the Virgin (Here)
      Annibale Carracci -- Christ Appearing to Saint Peter on the Appian Way (Here)
      Annibale Carracci -- The Dead Christ Mourned (Here)
      Annibale Carracci -- Venus with Satyr and Cupid (Here)
      Annibale Carracci -- A Man with a Monkey (Here)
      Annibale Carracci -- Venus, Adonis and Cupid (Here)
      Eugene Carriere -- Portrait of Paul Verlaine (Here)
      Eugene Carriere -- Alphonse Daudet and his Daughter (Here)
      Eugene Carriere -- The Young Mothers (Here)
      Eugene Carriere -- Lady Leaning her Elbows on a Table (Here)
      Andrea del Castagno -- The Young David (Here)
      Vincenzo Catena -- The Supper at Emmaus (Here)
      Jean Charles Cazin -- Weary Wayfarers (Here)
      Paul Cezanne -- The Large Bathers (Here)
      Paul Cezanne -- Le Chateau Noir (Here)
      Paul Cezanne -- The Artist's Father (Here)
      Paul Cezanne -- The House of Pere Lacroix in Auvers (Here)
      Paul Cezanne -- Still Life with Drapery (Here)
      Paul Cezanne -- Girl at the Piano (Here)
      Paul Cezanne -- Onions and Bottles (Here)
      Paul Cezanne -- Vessels, Basket and Fruit (Here)
      Paul Cezanne -- The House of Dr Gauchet in Auvers (Here)
      Paul Cezanne -- Boy in a Red Waistcoat (Here)

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