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      BROEDERLAM, Melchior -- The Dijon Altarpiece (Here)
      BROEDERLAM, Melchior -- The Annunciation and the Visitation d (Here)
      BROEDERLAM, Melchior -- Presentation in the Temple and Flight to Egypt f (Here)
      BROEDERLAM, Melchior -- The Annunciation qow (Here)
      BROEDERLAM, Melchior -- The Annunciation (detail ff (Here)
      BROEDERLAM, Melchior -- The Annunciation (detail) ff (Here)
      BROEDERLAM, Melchior -- The Annunciation (detail) df2g (Here)
      BROEDERLAM, Melchior -- The Visitation df (Here)
      BROEDERLAM, Melchior -- The Visitation (detail) fdg (Here)
      BROEDERLAM, Melchior -- The Annunciation (detail) fdg (Here)
      BROEDERLAM, Melchior -- The Presentation of Christ g (Here)
      BROEDERLAM, Melchior -- The Presentation of Christ (detail) dfh (Here)
      BROEDERLAM, Melchior -- The Flight into Egypt vd (Here)
      BROEDERLAM, Melchior -- The Flight into Egypt (detail) fg (Here)
      BROEDERLAM, Melchior -- The Flight into Egypt (detail) dsf (Here)
      BROEDERLAM, Melchior -- The Flight into Egypt (detail) fge (Here)
      BROEDERLAM, Melchior -- The Flight into Egypt vcd (Here)
      BRONZINO, Agnolo -- Bia, The Illegitimate Daughter of Cosimo I de Medici (Here)
      BRONZINO, Agnolo -- Cosimo I de Medici in Armour (Here)
      BRONZINO, Agnolo -- Portrait of Eleanora di Toledo (Here)
      BRONZINO, Agnolo -- Eleonora of Toledo with her son Giovanni de Medici (Here)
      BRONZINO, Agnolo -- Portrait of Francesco I de Medici (Here)
      BRONZINO, Agnolo -- Portrait of Giovanni de Medici (Here)
      BRONZINO, Agnolo -- Don Garcia de Medici (Here)
      BRONZINO, Agnolo -- Portrait of Maria de Medici (Here)
      BRONZINO, Agnolo -- Portrait of Ludovico Capponi (Here)
      BRONZINO, Agnolo -- Portrait of Stefano IV Colonna (Here)
      BRONZINO, Agnolo -- Portrait of Andrea Doria as Neptune df (Here)
      BRONZINO, Agnolo -- Laura Battiferri dd (Here)
      BRONZINO, Agnolo -- Ugolino Martelli dfh (Here)
      BRONZINO, Agnolo -- Portrait of Bartolomeo Panciatichi g (Here)
      BRONZINO, Agnolo -- Portrait of Lucrezia Panciatichi fg (Here)
      BRONZINO, Agnolo -- Portrait of Lucrezia Panciatichi (detail) fd (Here)
      BRONZINO, Agnolo -- Portrait of a Lady in Green (Here)
      BRONZINO, Agnolo -- Portrait of a Lady dfg (Here)
      BRONZINO, Agnolo -- Portrait of a Lady with a Puppy f (Here)
      BRONZINO, Agnolo -- Portrait of a Lady with a Puppy (detail) fg (Here)
      BRONZINO, Agnolo -- Portrait of a Young Girl fdtd (Here)
      BRONZINO, Agnolo -- St Mark fg (Here)
      BRONZINO, Agnolo -- St Matthew fd (Here)
      BRONZINO, Agnolo -- Adoration of the Shepherds sdf (Here)
      BRONZINO, Agnolo -- Adoration of the Shepherds (detail) f (Here)
      BRONZINO, Agnolo -- Adoration of the Shepherds (detail) d (Here)
      BRONZINO, Agnolo -- Deposition of Christ ffg (Here)
      BRONZINO, Agnolo -- Deposition dfhfg (Here)
      BRONZINO, Agnolo -- Holy Family fgfjj (Here)
      BRONZINO, Agnolo -- Holy Family g (Here)
      BRONZINO, Agnolo -- The Panciatichi Holy Family (detail) f (Here)
      BRONZINO, Agnolo -- Holy Family gfhfi (Here)
      BRONZINO, Agnolo -- Noli me tangere fdg (Here)
      BRONZINO, Agnolo -- Martyrdom of St Lawrence df (Here)
      BRONZINO, Agnolo -- Allegorical Portrait of Dante f (Here)
      BRONZINO, Agnolo -- Allegory of Happiness sdf (Here)
      BRONZINO, Agnolo -- Venus, Cupide and the Time (Allegory of Lust) fg (Here)
      BRONZINO, Agnolo -- Venus, Cupide and the Time (detail) fdg (Here)
      BROUWER, Adriaen -- A Boor Asleep (Here)
      BROUWER, Adriaen -- The Bitter Draught d (Here)
      BROUWER, Adriaen -- Brawling Peasants (Here)
      BROUWER, Adriaen -- The Card Players fd (Here)
      BROUWER, Adriaen -- Peasants Fighting f (Here)

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