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      Canaletto -- Capriccio with a Portico vgd (Here)
      Canaletto -- London: the Thames and the City of London from the Terrace of Richmond House ff (Here)
      Canaletto -- London: Westminster Bridge under Repair vv (Here)
      Canaletto -- Piazza San Marco: Looking East from the South West Corner dfd (Here)
      Canaletto -- San Marco: the Crossing and North Transept, with Musicians Singing df (Here)
      Canaletto -- The Dead Christ Supported by an Angel df (Here)
      Canaletto -- Eve ffg (Here)
      Canaletto -- Immaculate Conception s (Here)
      Canaletto -- Descent into Limbo sdf (Here)
      Canaletto -- Mary f (Here)
      Canaletto -- The Miracle at the Well vd (Here)
      Canaletto -- Noli me Tangere fdgd (Here)
      Canaletto -- St John the Evangelist on Pathmos df (Here)
      Canaletto -- San Cristoforo (Here)
      Canaletto -- An Allegorical Painting the Tomb of Lord Somers (Here)
      CANTARINI, Simone -- Holy Family dfsd (Here)
      CANTARINI, Simone -- Saint Matthew and the Angel (Here)
      CANTARINI, Simone -- Saint Matthew and the Angel (detail) gf (Here)
      CAPELLE, Jan van de -- Calm df (Here)
      CAPELLE, Jan van de -- The State Barge Saluted by the Home Fleet df (Here)
      CAPELLE, Jan van de -- Dutch Yacht Firing a Salvo fg (Here)
      CAPRIOLO, Domenico -- Portrait of a Man df (Here)
      CAPORALI, Bartolomeo -- Virgin and Child with Angels f (Here)
      CARACCIOLO, Giovanni Battista -- Liberation of St Peter f (Here)
      CARACCIOLO, Giovanni Battista -- St Onophrius fg (Here)
      CARACCIOLO, Giovanni Battista -- Salome g (Here)
      Caravaggio -- Sick Bacchus g (Here)
      Caravaggio -- Boy Peeling a Fruit df (Here)
      Caravaggio -- Boy with a Basket of Fruit f (Here)
      Caravaggio -- Boy with a Basket of Fruit (detail) fg (Here)
      Caravaggio -- Boy Bitten by a Lizard f (Here)
      Caravaggio -- St. Francis in Ecstasy f (Here)
      Caravaggio -- St. Francis in Ecstasy (detail) f (Here)
      Caravaggio -- The Musicians f (Here)
      Caravaggio -- The Fortune Teller vf (Here)
      Caravaggio -- The Cardsharps f (Here)
      Caravaggio -- The Lute Player f (Here)
      Caravaggio -- Lute Player f (Here)
      Caravaggio -- Lute Player (detail) gg (Here)
      Caravaggio -- Bacchus (detail) gg (Here)
      Caravaggio -- Bacchus (detail) fg (Here)
      Caravaggio -- The Fortune Teller (detail) drgdf (Here)
      Caravaggio -- The Fortune Teller (detail) hjt (Here)
      Caravaggio -- Magdalene gd (Here)
      Caravaggio -- Magdalene (detail) fdf (Here)
      Caravaggio -- Rest on Flight to Egypt ff (Here)
      Caravaggio -- Rest on Flight to Egypt (detail) fgf (Here)
      Caravaggio -- Rest on Flight to Egypt (detail) fg (Here)
      Caravaggio -- Basket of Fruit df (Here)
      Caravaggio -- St Catherine of Alexandria fdf (Here)
      Caravaggio -- Martha and Mary Magdalene gg (Here)
      Caravaggio -- Judith Beheading Holofernes (detail) gf (Here)
      Caravaggio -- Judith Beheading Holofernes (detail) vc (Here)
      Caravaggio -- Portrait of a Courtesan fg (Here)
      Caravaggio -- Taking of Christ g (Here)
      Caravaggio -- The Taking of Christ dssd (Here)
      Caravaggio -- Medusa gg (Here)
      Caravaggio -- Portrait of Maffeo Barberini kk (Here)
      Caravaggio -- St. John the Baptist (Youth with Ram) fdy (Here)
      Caravaggio -- The Calling of Saint Matthew fg (Here)

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